Prestige Paths

Get ready to be blown away.
For each “side” of the progression, each character must specify one class (generally best to choose the one selected at level 1, or the one the character intends to gain the majority of their class features from, for those who are trying to min-max), and one prestige class is selected. This prestige class must directly compliment the primary class on that “side” and the character must still qualify for that prestige class normally (feats, skill requirements, BAB, etc).
Upon achieving qualification for the prestige class, the character:

  • Continues advancing in the standard class normally upon gaining sufficient XP to gain a level, AND
  • Gains the features of the prestige class in addition to those of the standard class.

Start planning NOW. If you have a prestige class with organizational, political, social, or other “special” requirements that require in-character roleplay events, let me know (via PM, so we don’t have other players trying to be asses about it and get in the way) and I will work those in.

Refer any other questions to GMCid, again, via PM.

Prestige Paths

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